ACH-RM2-VN3A Ballistic ACH Helmet with Visor and Neck Protector

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Ballistic ACH Helmet with Visor and Neck Protector NIJ IIIA with the picatinny side rails and accessory’s mount

Model Number: ACH-RM2-VN3A


Easily detachable on the Picatinny side rails’ ballistic transparent Visor NIJ Level IIIA,

ACH / MICH Bulletproof helmet & Neck protector comes in comfortable Kevlar, Twaron or Armored fibers to meet NIJ Level IIIA,

Size Universal or M/L and XL.

Color Black, options in Green, Tan, U.N. blue, Military green, Camouflage, Multi-Cam, etc. if a big order.