FAPC Tactical Fast Attack Plate Carrier

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  • Overview
  • The Fast Attack Plate Carrier was designed to meet the needs of operators who want a high mobility plate carrier with great load carrying capacity. The F.A.P.C. has 1/4″ closed cell foam in both the shoulders and upper torso regions to relieve load stress on the operator’s back and shoulders.
  • Features
  • It’s mainly used for FAPC Ballistic Insert / ballistic plates Level NIJ IIIA plus, III or IV.
    It also allows for quick adjustments and modifications as loads, clothing or positions from walking to sitting in a vehicle change. To further the usefulness of the FAPC, we have created the FAST Attack RACK (F.A.R.). Adapting the F.A.R. will allow you to have your standalone plates or combination of your multi hit plates and optional ballistic Level 3A inserts as a plate backer, and the FAR for side ballistic protection as the ultimate in high speed and high mobility tactical platforms.
  • Specs
  • FAPC-01 Ballistic Insert Measurements:
  • Medium fits 250 X 300mm / 10″ x 12″ ballistic plates (regular size)