BALCS/CIRAS Soft Armor Panels Body Armor Inserts NIJ level IIIA

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The CompassArmor® SPEAR BALCS Soft Armor Panels are made to fit perfectly in any BALCS/CIRAS shaped outer carrier.

This cut is used in the following carriers, just to name a few:

Paraclete RAV
Diamondback Tactical PREDATOR
Blackhawk STRIKE Cut Away Armor Carrier, and others

This soft armor ballistic material is the same NIJ Certified CompassArmor® III-A models, the standard confirms compliance for NIJ Certified panels.

5-Year Warranty


Features :
Level: NIJ IIIA STD 0101.06
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Weight: 1.7KG - 2.1KG
Core: Armored UHMWPE
RF Heat Sealing
Rip-stop Nylon-Cover
Protected from moisture & debris

Protection Against :
9mm, 115 Grain 1400 Fps
.357 SIG FMJ FN 1430 Fps
.44 MAG    SJHP, 240gr 1450 Fps

Key Benefits :
Protects against penetration of bullets and fragments
Lower weight, greater comfort
Enhanced performance when combined