Features of a good Tactical Body Armor

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Protection by a tactical body armor is always not efficient if the amour is not made with the right features. Only professionals who have been making the Armors can design and make them, that will serve the intended purpose. A good Military Tactical Body Armor should be able to protect to the maximum level possible and avoid the drawbacks during usage as that might lead to serious dangers occurring.

Here are the features of a good military tactical body armor

  • First, these Armors come in different sizes. For every military man or woman, it is good that they get sizes that fit them well. Not large or nor too small but be fitting. This is for convenience during times of work when the armor is highly needed for protection. Big body armors will always cause disruption and can even impair somebody’s activities.
  • The other mandatory feature is the bulletproof feature. This comes at different levels in different body armors. Level NIJ IIIA, III& IV are the levels that these vest armors come along with them as bulletproof levels. In some cases, these bulletproof levels can be upgraded depending on the seriousness of the situation. The higher the level of bulletproof, the higher the chances of resisting bullets by the body armor, therefore, offering more protection.
  • The weight of the armor should be light. This is to avoid quick tiredness by the military person. It is therefore, good that it is made conveniently to ensure militants work best. It should also be made with an adjustable belt that will make the militant able to adjust when tired and fix it at a comfortable place without altering his or her activity. It is through this feature that militants can have a rest whenever they are tired and ensure they do not harm their body parts as well.
  • Some armors come with compass direction to enable the militants to find their way out when in the forest. This will make it easy to locate routes during wars where no airplanes can locate them due to security instability. The amour should have a pouch, to put personal safety things, utility pouch, and a map pouch, all to serve in providing safety during wars at places that are not familiar to militants. It is therefore, good that manufacturers of armors get to know all the harsh conditions and situations that these militants face to avoid messing up when making the tactical body armors.

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