Anti Ballistic Products - Security for the Military and Law Enforcement Officers

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Ballistic Equipments are key to the strategy for any defense or law enforcement agency, to prepare for eventual combat or conflict situation. Terrorists or other violent groups and adversaries have been seen to be equipped with the latest in the armory and ammunition and fire power. Troops or soldiers or other law enforcement officers engaged in such combat with such groups or adversaries will have to have the protective gear and accessories to counter the firepower and face the conflict head-on and overpower the enemy. So, the Anti-Ballistic Products also need to be upgraded and updated to meet with the newly evolving threats.


The defense equipment industry has indeed risen to the occasion and brought about several advancements in the design, material of construction and levels of protection from the most lethal attacks and actually saved a thousand lives.



What are these Products?

The major breakthrough has been in the development of materials such as Kevlar, Dyneema and Ceramic, for use as basic materials in making.


  • Ballistic Fabrics
  • Ballistic Protection Helmets
  • Ballistic Protection Plate
  • Ballistic Armour Plate and several more


New Technologies Developed

In reality, it has been a concerted effort by the chain of entities involved with fiber and fabric producers and the raw material converters (weavers) and armor manufacturers — all coming together to share their experiences and critical insights into the field, with R&D labs. Studies have been conducted on how the bullet or projectile travels, at what speed, and how the speed and energy are converted by the woven fiber of the Ballistic Fabrics into zero effect, by the time it reaches the body of the soldier. Inputs have been collected from the end users also to make the research work more pragmatic. Kevlar fabrics have been developed, and it is used in making the ballistic fabrics wherever required, such as vests.


Ballistic protection helmets, have undergone huge changes, making the life of a security official easy and secure. Additions have been made to the accessories, such as the Ballistic Visor made from Polycarbonate capable of protecting the entire face, the quality and ratings of Ballistic Armor Plates used as insertions to provide better protection to the body from all sides, and retention pads of higher thickness in combat helmets. Covert and overt tactical ballistic vests have also been developed.


All these and more have been the result of using cutting-edge technology by the manufacturers.

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