A Bulletproof Vest Is An Inevitable Protective Shield In Military And Police Forces

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The Bulletproof Vest has emerged as a vital component in the military & law enforcement, & is responsible for saving the lives of 1000s of military & law enforcement personnel around the world. By investing in good quality Bulletproof Vest, law enforcement agencies & military outfits can ensure the safety of their most important assets i.e. their personnel.


The latest statistics on police fatalities reveal that gunfire accounts for more than 30% of police personnel deaths. The saddest part about the whole deal is that many of these deaths could easily have been avoided if only the victims had been wearing Bulletproof Vest.


Bulletproof Vests - Different Types

Ø As per NIJ (National Institute Of Justice) standards, the Bulletproof Vests can be classified according to the level of protection they provide to the wearer. Type IIA Body Armor is rated the lowest & can only withstand handgun projectiles with a force up to 9 mm or .40 caliber. Type IIIA is capable of withstanding .44 Magnum shots. Type II can easily resist high-velocity 9 mm rounds and .357 caliber rounds. Type III with an added protection is equipped with a hard armor plate & is designed to withstand 7.62 mm steel-jacketed rifle rounds. Among the highest rated one is the Type IV & can easily deflect .30 caliber armor-piercing rifle bullets.

Ø Tactical Gear refers to superior quality Bulletproof Vest which offers protection to the wearer from high caliber rifle shots & are usually heavy. They are generally made of combination of Kevlar fabric and ceramic armor plates. Being heavy the gear restricts the mobility of the wearer & limits the ability to maneuver. Though the Tactical Gear can be camouflaged, it is not easy to conceal.

Ø Concealable Vests are very commonly used by law enforcement personnel & combat soldiers around the world. They offer excellent protection against handgun shots & can be easily concealed within the clothing.


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