Guidelines On Proper Use Of Police Handcuffs

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Police Handcuffs are universally used by law enforcement agencies across the world, as an effective means of restraint. Though an effective way to restraint an offender, there are some guidelines that dictate the parameters of the proper use of Police Handcuffs. These guidelines are necessary in order to ensure that the Police Handcuffs are not misused by law enforcement officers. Before discussing the guidelines, the need for using Police Handcuffs is outlined.


The Use Of Police Handcuffs

Police Handcuffs are not to be used in every arrest, rather there are certain situations that make the use of Handcuffs mandatory. Handcuffing is recommended when the offender is attempting to escape the arrest, or is posing a threat to the safety of people nearby (or attempting to harm himself/herself). Besides these, if the offender refuses to comply with the requests of the officer, then the situation may validate the use of Police Handcuffs.


Guidelines On Proper Use Of Police Handcuffs

v While restraining the offenders by using Police Handcuffs, it should be ensured that the handcuffs are properly secured, & are not too loose or tight. As far as possible, the hands should be restrained at the back, with both the palms facing each other or back-to-back.

v The arresting officer should be able to justify the need for the use of handcuffs, & time for which the offender was handcuffed.

v When restraining an offender using Police Handcuffs, it should be ensured that the offender is in a good physical condition, & being handcuffed does not pose any threat to his/her physical well being.

v In case the offender has a previous track record for escaping arrests, or verbally gives any indication that he/she may attempt to escape, or has a track record for getting violent, the officer may use Police Handcuffs to restrain the person.


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