Maintenance Tips For Tactical Body Armor

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In the recent years, with rising crime rate & advancement in firearm technology, the Tactical Body Armors have come to assume a critical role in ensuring the welfare & safety of the law enforcement officers & combat soldiers. There have been many developments in the basic design of the Tactical Body Armors since they were first introduced. There is no doubt about the fact that the Tactical Body Armors have a significant role in ensuring that law enforcement officers & soldiers are protected from projectile attacks.


Tips On How To Take Care Of The Tactical Body Armor

Ø The typical Tactical Body Armor comprises of three components - the carrier garment, the trauma panels & the Kevlar panels. Almost Tactical Body Armors come with warnings/instructions attached to the inside of armor which should be diligently followed to ensure long life & excellent performance of the Body Armor.

Ø The ballistic panel should never be machine or dry-cleaned. The bleach & other chemicals used in such cleaning processes could damage the Body Armor.

Ø Another maintenance tip is to ensure that the ballistic panels are never exposed to the sunlight for an extended period.

Ø The Body Armor should never be left in the trunk of the car for extended period of time as the heat could cause damage.

Ø When in storage, the Body Armor should be laid down flat & it should be ensured that no other thing is kept on it.

Ø The Body Armor should only be worn by the person for whom it is measured & fitted.

Ø When dirty, the best thing to do would be to wipe down the Body Armor with a damp cloth.

Ø Exposure to moisture can cause damage to the Body Armor & therefore it should be stored in a moisture proof area.


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