Salient features of Police Tactical Body Armor

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Law enforcement forces like the police are fully aware of the dangers they face while discharging their duties. In fact, they face these dangers on a daily basis.  Criminals attacking police to make good their escape has become common these days. Therefore, there is an absolute need for the police to protect themselves with an appropriate Police Tactical Body Armor.

Armor has a long history:

Armor for law enforcing agency has a long history dating back to 1400 BC. During those days specially designed armor was used to protect soldiers. However, modern technology has brought out exclusive designs of body armors. The Police Tactical Body Armor provides abundant safety against sharp weapons, bludgeoning, slashing and so on.

Classification of armor:

Body armor is normally classified into three namely soft, semi rigid and hard. The soft armor is capable of protecting from hand gun shots. Further, the semi rigid armor is designed to provide protection against attack from blunt weapons and from a handgun. The hard armor which is made from ceramic material is capable of withstanding bullets of higher range. Further, the modern range of body armor can also withstand impact caused by accidents or crash.

 The body armor is available in several designs and with exclusive features. The choice of body armor is largely dependent on the type of risk that is involved. Some of the other salient features of Police Tactical Body Armor are briefly explained here:

  • The body armor is now designed to be light in weight, and they are all weatherproof. In addition to these, there are exclusive covert body armors. Such armors are normally worn similar to inner clothing. This type of armor is used by police officers working undercover or what is popularly known as in civil dress. In such cases, the officer does not like to disclose his identity as a police officer, and yet he protects himself from the possible attack by the criminals.
  • There are exclusive body armors for police and military personnel. The armors are made of polyester or from PVC coated exclusive materials. The police armors are available in varieties of colors like green, black, forest, camouflage, dessert and so on.
  • Some of the manufacturers even custom design the tactical body armor. The armors are available in varying sizes.

Other products:

In addition to body armor the manufacturers have introduced exclusive design headgears, riot protectors, anti ballistic panels for police vehicles and various other related products.  All these will help in improving the operational capability of the police force.

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