The Importance Of Anti Riot Kit

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For effective riot control, the police should always be well equipped prior to approaching the scene. This means having good tactics and equipment that help the police to easily control the rioters. It is therefore, necessary to have proper Anti-Riot Kit with strong equipment of high quality ensuring durability and better performance.


What the kit contains


This is designed for the enforcement of law, not driving of nails. It is fitted with a multi-purpose head and a long handle, therefore, making it suitable for self-defense, containment, making entry and can also be used for survival as well as walking support. This equipment is very important, and it is therefore required to be very strong since if it breaks during the attack, in case of many rioters, the police may succumb into the hands of the rioters and sustain remarkable injuries. It is 80x11cm with 16.6kg/piece.



Unlike the commonly known wood splitting axe, this is a different equipment used, just like the hammer, in the enforcement of law. It also has a long handle which helps in self-defense, containment and making an entry. It is also fitted with a steel blade which acts as a cutting edge, and a thick spike can help one as a walking support. You should also ensure that the equipment is strong enough since it is equally important. It is 54x22cm with 3.35kg/piece.




This is made of a heavy metal. It has a curved end which can be used as a first class lever and a flat end used as a second-class lever which is important in the operations of another equipment and equally performs most functions as the hammer. It is 60x16cm with 1.9kg/piece.



This is a tool used for grasping or cutting hard materials. It can be used for servicing the equipment and can also be used as a weapon for protection. It is 61x19cm with 2.55kg/piece.



A strong and well-built bag is required by the police to carry the equipment since they are usually heavy. The bag is divided into different compartments to separate various weapons for easy accessibility and efficiency during operations. It is also provided with strong handles, which are easy to fit, therefore, allowing for flexibility. It is 53x60 cm with 0.15/piece.



This is a special type of belt designed for the security officers. It is made in a way that it allows for adjustment and a space for fitting protective equipment such as knife and pistol. It is 116x8cm with 0.15kg/piece.

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