Tips On How To Buy The Best Body Armor

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The decision to buy Body Armor requires much thought & consideration, as making a wrong choice in this case could actually prove fatal & life threatening in a worst case scenario. There are a few tips mentioned in the below write-up which will help in making a right choice.


Tips On How To Buy The Best Body Armor

Ø Determine What Type Of Body Armor Is Required Depending Upon The Potential Threat.

According to the NIJ standards, the Body Armors can be classified into different types based on the level of protection they offer to the wearer.

o  Type I - This lightweight Body Armor is the most basic types of protection that every officer is supposed to have. The Type I Body Armor effectively deflects .22 long rifle lead shots & .380 ACP full metal jacketed shots as well.

o  Type II-A   - Such type of Body Armor is capable of deflecting lower velocity 9mm and 40 S&W shots effectively

o  Other classifications include Type II (deflects 9mm; .357 Magnum), Type III-A (deflects High Velocity 9mm; .44 Magnum), Type III (deflects Rifle shots), Type IV (deflects Armor Piercing Rifle shots).]


Ø Determine How Comfortable The Selected Body Armor Type Is.

This is an important question to ask especially if the Body Armor is going to be utilized for daily routine use. Since the officer would need to wear the Body Armor for a major part of the day, it should be comfortable. The weight distribution should be equal, so as to avoid discomfort. It should not be so bulky so as to limit the mobility of the wearer. Also the heat buildup in the Body Armor is a big consideration as it will determine for how long the Body Armor can be worn at a stretch.


Ø Select An Appropriate Body Armor Depending On The Body Coverage Provided.

The Body Armor should provide suitable coverage - front, back & sides & should be a perfect fit for the designated wearer. A proper fit means adequate coverage & protection to the wearer.


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