Facts About Bullet-Proof Armor

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Bullet-Proof Armor is among the most basic kind of protective clothing that is worn by combat soldiers & law enforcement teams for personal safety. The Bullet-Proof Armor basically works by catching & deforming the incoming bullet (in the shape of a dish), thus effectively stopping it. As the bullet is forced into a dish shape, the force of the incoming bullet gets spread over a wide area, which halts its progress along the path.


Bullet-Proof Armor - Some Interesting Facts

Ø Earliest Traces Of Bullet-Proof Armor

Humans have always used body shields & armors for protection from animals & attacks from other humans. The earliest materials used to make body armors include animal skins & later on, other sturdier materials like - woods & metals were used as protective wear. The earliest recorded instance of the use of Soft Body Armor dates back to the Medieval Japanese who were proficient in the art of making soft armor from silk.


Ø 1960s - The First Of The Many Types Of Concealable Body Armor Designs Were Introduced

Though Bullet-Proof Armor were being used before 1960s, & also made an entry in World War II, the effectiveness of such Bullet-Proof Armors was limited. Known as the ‘Flak Jacket’, the Bullet-Proof Armor introduced during World War II was ineffective in stopping most of the rifle & pistol shots. The ‘Flak Jacket’ made from ballistic nylon only offered protection from munitions fragments. But in the1960s, with the invention of new fibers, the first of the many Concealable Body Armors were introduced.


Ø May 17, 1973 (Detroit, Michigan) - First Recorded Instance Of A US Law Enforcement Officer Being Saved By Concealable Bullet-Proof Body Armor

Police Officer Ron Jagielski was hit straight on the chest by a .38 caliber special bullet, but lived to tell the tale, all thanks to the Concealable Bullet-Proof Body Armor that he was wearing.


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