How to choose the right size of Plate Carrier

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We get a lot…and I mean a lot of questions regarding the sizing of a plate carrier. People usually say, “I wear a large shirt, should I get a large Slickster Plate Carrier?”

Check this out guys and gals! The size of the carrier has nothing to do with your shirt size but everything to do with the size of your armor plate. When choosing your plate carrier size, you will want to pick it to fit what armor you have. 

But here is the tricky part! There are SO many companies making armor and calling them 10”x12” but when you go measure the plate itself it is sometimes 10x12 and other times it is as far as plus or minus 1” out in dimensions! Yet they still call it a 10x12. Can ya’ll believe that! But what can you do? You can know what our plate carriers fit! Ha!


Medium WIDTH absolute maximum plate circumference – 22”

Medium HEIGHT absolute maximum plate circumference – 26.5”


Large WIDTH absolute maximum plate circumference – 23”

Large HEIGHT absolute maximum plate circumference – 29”


NOW… Fitting your body armor plate to your body size (help from our friends at

"The main problem a lot of people face is taking proper measurements, or even understanding what to measure. Based on everything I've seen; this happens a lot and is a source of confusion and worry. The knee-jerk reaction that ends up occurring are people ordering a larger size PC than needed based on the incorrect belief that you'll get more coverage and more protection.

I've found that sizing up on PC fit ends up leading to two serious issues;

  1. The first issue being that you can no longer get into your proper shooting stance and can therefore no longer properly employ your weapon. Unless you don't mind missing tangos, you can see how this would pose an issue.
  2. Secondly, is the loss of mobility and the added weight of the extra plating and material. This can have significant impact over the long haul. You aren't just wearing plates - you are fighting in them.

You don't want to be that armored turtle, heavy on defense but not capable of offense. Finding that middle ground of protection is where you want to be. My general rule of thumb for minimum coverage is from my jugular notch to my belly button vertically and nipple to nipple horizontally.

This is what your body armor plate should be protecting:

This is the minimum amount of coverage and allows you to sit comfortably, properly punch your weapon out, and be able to move with the least amount of hindering. You can go larger but always remember the balancing act of offense versus defense and that it is all a give-and-take scenario.

Once you have measured that area on your body, make cardboard cut-outs of different plate sizes, and try them on and see what works best for your body type. Going through these extra steps add some time to the process and may feel a little silly, but I highly recommend taking the time. Once you are comfortable, you can confidently order your proper plate and PC with confidence."

-- Ferro Concepts --

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