How To Take Measurements For Making Bullet Proof Vests?

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Bullet Proof Vest is a Body Armor or Protective Covering which is generally worn by police officials, security staff and defense personnel for protection against explosions and firearms in the battlefield. These vests are specially designed to absorb the impact of fired bullets and shrapnel which are resultant of destruction in an explosion.


Evidently, Bullet Proof Vests are worn on torso. They are made of sturdy materials and can be customized according to the protection requirement. These Body Armors may contain heavy ceramic and metallic plates.


How To Take Measurements For Making Bullet Proof Vests?

It is extremely important to get the right fit so that the individual wearing it can carry it properly. Following are few aspects that must be considered while taking measurements for making Bullet Proof Vests:


  • First and foremost, the person for whom the vest has to be designed should stand in a straight posture while giving measurement.


  • For a perfect measurement, it is important to keep the measuring tape at such position around the chest that it touches the sternum. Also, the tape should be positioned at equal distance below the armpits for taking right measurements.


  • To measure the size of torso, place one end of measuring tape on the collar bone and run it straight down towards the area where buckle of belt is fastened. Measuring tape should be placed right below the throat, where collar bone originates and should be run down vertically towards centre of stomach right above the lower abdominal area. While measuring females, the measuring tape should be run down from the collar bone to the area above the hips. The measuring tape should be positioned in such a way that it touches the narrowest part of torso.


  • For taking back measurements, place one end of measuring tape two inches below the collar of shirt and run it down towards the upper part of belt. The measuring tape must be positioned right below the area where spine originates and should be run down vertically straight.


  • While taking all these measurements, the tailor should also stand in a vertically straight position to get precise measurements.


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