A Guide To Modern Personal Armor

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Personal Armor is defined as - the whole range of protective clothing that protects the wearer from bodily harm caused by any kind of weapon. There is a whole range of Modern Personal Armor available for the protection of military personnel, combat soldiers, law enforcement personnel & bodyguards.


Personal Armor In History

The Personal Armor finds frequent mention throughout the pages of history; from the Spartans, to the Samurais, to the Mycenaeans to the Medieval Knights, the Personal Armor is an age old invention. Initially developed to protect the wearer from the inclement weather conditions & animal attacks, the Personal Armor eventually came to be used in combat & warfare.


Modern Personal Armor & Common Types

With technology taking huge strides, the Personal Armor has undergone great transformation & there is a world of difference in the kind of armors used till about a decade ago, & those in use today.


Ø Interceptor Body Armor (IBA)

Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) is one among the many types of Body Armors in use today. This kind of Body Armor is widely in use in the U.S Army. Such type of Body Armor generally consists of two essential parts - one is the OTV (Outer Tactical Vest) & the other is the SAPI (Small Arms Protective Insert). The Interceptor Body Armor protects the wearer from bullets, projectiles & is even resistant to heat.


Ø Bulletproof Ballistic Shield

Bulletproof Ballistic Shields are commonly used by law enforcements teams all across the world, & are specifically designed to protect from projectile attacks or weapons. The Bulletproof Ballistic Shield offers the wielder the advantage of protecting oneself from any form of projectile attack by moving the shield in the line of attack & thus, effectively blocking it.


Ø Tactical Ballistic Protection Helmet

Tactical Ballistic Protection Helmet is a very effective type of protective headgear which is very commonly used in modern warfare & combat. The Tactical Ballistic Protection Helmet is very effective in protecting the wearers from concussion caused by bomb explosions.


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