Body Armors: Types and Benefits

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Since ages, Body Armors have been used by people as protective shields against enemy attacks. Historically, these armors were used to protect medieval warriors, but today, they are widely used by polices forces, private body guards, security guards and military forces for protection. These shields are an added layer of protection that guards the body against lethal warfare attacks like bullet shots, bludgeoning, slashing and other penetrating attacks.  Body Armors have become indispensable for people who put their lives at stake to save others. This article gives some interesting facts about the Body Armors.


Types of Body Armors

  • Non-Plated Armors: These regular Body Armors are commonly used by body guards, police forces and security guards. They are bullet proof shields but they are not suitable for heavy combat.
  • Hard-Plated Armors: These armors are used for heavy combats and that is why, they are often worn by combat soldiers, hostage rescue team and police tactical units.
  • Bullet Proof Vests: These armors are reliable, durable and comfortable to use. They provide excellent protection against injuries caused by guns, handguns, pistols, etc. Moreover, these vests are made up from flexible material and can be easily washed.


Benefits of Body Armors

  • Protection: Armors are meant for safeguarding the most valuable asset, a person’s life. They are highly effective in providing protection from fatal injuries in life threatening situations and hostile environments. These armors are not only used by police forces, but they are also adorned by eminent personalities like actors, politicians, businessmen, etc. whenever a question of death and life arises.
  • Comfortable and Reliable: Unlike the medieval armors that used to be heavy and bulky, modern day armors are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. Also, they are flexible and so well fitted that they are quite hard to detect.
  • Advanced Technology: Body Armors undergo various testing processes for heat, moisture and sun exposure to ensure their rigidity, safety, uniformity and effectiveness. These technologically advanced armors are now being used by various factory workers and researchers who are engaged in the manufacturing of explosives and chemicals.


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