Important Points to Know Before You Buy Body Armor

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Body Armor or Personal Armor is protective clothing that is designed to absorb the impact of bludgeoning, slashing and penetrating attacks. This type of clothing is worn by soldiers, security guards and policemen during their working hours.

Well, buying Body Armor is an important investment. And the investment should be made only after knowing the significant aspects such as:


This part of Body Armor is generally made of nylon cloth and its inner lining consists of layers of ballistic materials like Kevlar, armoredTM UHMWPE and anti-ballistic rifle plates. The material used for making carrier must maintain the comfort level of the individual wearing it. Carrier of the Body Armor is selected according to the environmental condition in which it has to be used. 

Anti-ballistic rifle Plates

Anti-ballistic rifle Plates are an important part of Body Armor as they are meant for providing extra protection to the body against the impact of penetrating and bludgeoning attacks. These plates are soft but strong panels which are placed inside the front part of carrier. These panels are heat sealed and are made from materials such as armoredTM fibres, titanium, steel, ceramic, etc.

Shoulder Straps

Shoulder Straps of a Body Armor are either permanently connected or detachable. They can be custom designed according to the personal requirements of the individual who has to wear the Body Armor.

Protection Level

Protection level is the amount of protection that the protective clothing can provide to the individual wearing it. Protection level of Body Armor can be measured in six levels in which level one implies the lowest protection, while sixth level is known to provide the highest degree of protection. This is an important factor that decides Armor’s resistance against impact of a bullet. You must consider this aspect while buying a Body Armor.


Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, measurement is also an important factor that you must consider before Buying Body Armor. To carry it well while working, you must make sure that the Body Armor fits you well and is not too loose or tight. You can get it tailored according to your size and other preferences. 

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