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A helmet is a protective device that covers the head against injuring objects. Ballistic relates to projectiles and missiles launched. The ballistic protection helmets are mainly used for defense related purposes. They are used by soldiers, police officers during battles and war. They ensure that the head becomes fully protected against injuries allowing the soldiers or police officers continue to pursue their targets. The circumstances that mostly require the ballistic helmets include;

  • Riots. Riots may sometimes occur in scenarios like military coup against the government, rigging of presidential elections and invasion of territories occupied by one country. The anti-riot police will need the helmets to protect against angry protestors who may engage in throwing missiles and projectiles.
  • War. Soldiers who engage in fighting against enemies require protection against injuries on the head to be able to push forward. They ensure that they are safe and secure to fight the war.


There are few companies that are involved in manufacturing, exporting and supply of these defense related products. There are many companies who are in this business in China with many years of experience. They are among the best and offer quality products to their customers. Other than ballistic protection helmets; they also manufacture, export and supply products such as: Anti-Riot Baton, Anti-Riot Kit, Military Police Duty Belt, Anti-Riot Shield, Ballistic Products, Bulletproof Ballistic Shield, Bullet Proof Products, Anti-Riot Helmet, Tactical Body Armor, Anti-Ballistic Panels and Anti-Riot Armorproducts.


With its network and quality of products, they have successfully acquired a wide list of reputed customers. The protection helmets they provide have the following features:

  1. They have uniform lamination of both transparencies to give the finest ballistic protection available.
  2. They have curved design for the protection of whole face area, from helmet brim to below chin area.
  3. They have compass Armor's unique band-fastening system that permits quick attachment or detachment with the most ballistic helmets.
  4. They have specialized mar-resistant outer layer on Multi-Hit Ballistic Face shield
  5. Dimensions are 6 x 15 inch with 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg)
  6. A carry bag is also provided.
  7. They have passed NIJ standard level NIJIIIA to get ballistic performance at 1640 fps (500 m / s) minimal.

The companies have excellent payment & shipping Terms. The prices of the products are negotiable and depend on quantity. You can also pay through international money payment methods like Bank telegraph, Western Union, PayPal and LC. They can supply 10000 units per month and samples delivery takes 3 business days after payment. Don’t forget that they package the products in cartons or customized packaging.

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