Anti Riot Police Helmet: Ideal protection for Police squad

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Anti Riot Police Helmet is available with leading manufacturers and suppliers who offer this product at affordable prices. These helmets are strong in quality and highly durable.

What is an anti-riot helmet?

Anti-riot helmet is a kind of helmet that is particularly made for enforcing law and for military usage.

What is it used for?

It is used to protect the servicemen from any kind of injury to the head, eyes and face during the riots. It aids the servicemen to handle and control the riot situation with better efficiency. Not only this, the wearer is also protected from dangerous and harmful industrial chemicals, acids and other substances by wearing this helmet. The other area of helmet use is when the servicemen have to be protected from objects that are blown due to a storm or wind.

Features of Anti riot helmet:

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Effective padding
  • Efficient
  • Long service life

Description/Structure of the helmet

A general Anti Riot Police Helmet consists of a hard shell that is aided with a reinforced pad, a hinge up visor and a chinstrap to strap it to the head. The visor of the helmet is usually made of polycarbonate material. The visors of the helmet are curved on the side, and up and down straight. Both ways are generally not curved as in a motorcycle helmet. There is an accessory that is present on the back of the neck which is a protector.

Some of the anti riot helmets possess two visors. The exterior visor hinges up exterior to the helmet and clears, whereas the interior visor comes with a finish that offers transparency from inside, however, opaque from outside with a polished brass. The interior visor, however, hinges up in between the 2 helmet layers.

Some of the helmets have other accessories such as ear pieces and an in built microphone radio.

Why the manufacturers/suppliers?

  • They have optimum knowledge regarding custom clearances within china.
  • They employ good grade raw materials only for designing and development of the product.
  • They employ latest advanced machinery to make the product.
  • They perform thorough quality checks of the product.
  • They undertake bulk orders and meet them efficiently.
  • They do prompt deliveries of the product.
  • They are registered within the local customs with all major ports.

These major ports include:

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin
  • Guangzhou

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