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While we may not want them to happen, but riots can break out any time, at any place and for any reason. During the breakout of a riot, while the common people run to get the shelter of safety, the policemen are the ones who come out on the streets and try to get the situation under control. It is hence very important that cops which are dedicated to the safety and well-being of the citizens wear proper protective gear against any possible attack. Protective gear like the anti riot police helmet is the most important as that would save the head of the brave policemen.

The helmets are made with special features

Usually, the riot helmets for policemen are made of a hard shell with adequate padding that gives an extra layer of cushion to the head. The helmets also come with chinstraps so that the headpiece does not come off in case of running or any other adverse situation. The riot helmets also come with a hinge up visor that is designed to protect the policemen’s face and eyes. These visors are usually made of polycarbonate that gives them enough strength to withstand high levels of attacks.

The visors for the anti riot police helmet are generally curved sideways and straight up and down. This is not how the visors for motorbike riders are made. They are curved both sideways and up and down. Also the visors have metal wires to provide an extra layer of protection. The glass of the visor is not bulletproof but is scratch proof. The visors of the police riot helmets are also big enough to cover the whole face so as to avoid any potential danger.

No compromise on quality

The manufacturers of the police helmets ensure that they use premium quality raw materials to manufacture the police helmets. The colours available are usually black but then as per customer demands these can be modified. The neck protector is made of artificial leather, and the chin strap is made of rubber to provide the required level of flexibility.

The anti riot helmets for policemen can be ordered in bulk from the manufacturers, and they would ensure that every piece is made as per quality guidelines and there is no compromise on the quality of the helmets. This is because any compromise on the quality of the raw materials would mean a compromise on the safety of the policemen who are there to keep us safe.

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